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Be the best training and learning center for soccer players and coaches in all categories in professional and national levels. We want to offer the best attitudes and techniques to position our academy as a national and international leader in sports.



WHAT ARE WE? A Training center. WHAT DO WE DO? Promote integrity and values on our players that comply with the rules of Club America. This will make them able to meet the needs of our society and our institution and identify with and love our colors.



Team Work, Respect, Humility, Loyalty, Responsibility, Honesty, Leadership, Competiveness


At Club America we focus on implementing team, family and institutional values. During the week not only are the kids physically prepared for their games but mentally challenged to meet the emotional needs and concentration to see good in their future. In the long run these values will help them become a better person.


Being part of an institution like Club America means that there needs to be a commitment not only on the players’ behalf but with the parents as well. Implementing these values at home will help in the development of their children.

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